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The Sorcerer - Rehearsal Schedule


The Sorcerer Rehearsal Schedule 

Please note - this may be subject to change.  


15th September – WELCOME BACK! First rehearsal introduction and music (1)

22nd September -  If you’ll marry me - country dance and Marvellous Illusion 

29th September - Music (2) 

6th October - country dance recap and Now to the Banquet we press 

13th October - Music (3) 

20th October - Finale 1 Now to banquet, Oh marvellous illusion and country dance recap  

27th October - Music (4).  


3rd November - Full company opening act 1- Ring forth ye bells and recap movement  

4th November - Principals music and blocking. Alexis, Sir M, Daly, Aline pp5-8 Aline o happy young heart. JWW and Sang duet act 2 music and blocking 

10th November -  Full company - With Heart and with voice x2 . Ladies and Aline and lady S at 8pm, Men at 9pm. Plus recap Ring forth ye bells. 

11th November - All Act 1 principals. Music lady S and JWW. Blocking A+A, JWW, pp12-17,Daly, Ark, Con,Sir M pp2-6 

17th November - Full Company - All is prepared and Blocking Overture. 

18th November - Blocking Wells, Alexis and Aline JWW song and incantation and dialogue 15-1. et Blocking/Music. Lady S. A+A solos and duets incl finale o love true love 

24th November - Full Company Finale act 1  

25th November - Sir M and Lady S duet - welcome joy - Blocking, Arkwright, Con, and Daly music and dialogue pp2-6 recap 

1st December - Full Company finale act 1 plus recap 

2nd December - Wells, 2 cybermen Alexis Aline  Incantation=recap dialogue pp12-17 

8th December - Full Company Incantation and finale 1 

15th December - Full company recap all chorus work 

16th December - All principal work act 1 

Happy Christmas! 

5th January - Full company music act 2 

6th January - All principal work act 1 

SUNDAY 9th -  Full company Run act 1  

12th January -  Full company Act 2 opening and country dance 

13th January - JWW /lady S duet recap, Alexis, Aline, Daly 29 -31,Qunitet, Daly sir M Mrs O A+A  

19th January - Full Company ensemble Dear friends take pity revise opening and country dance 

20th January - A+A,Daly Wells, “Alexis my loved one” and “my voice is sad and low to finale act 2 “pp36-41 Sir M and Mrs O” As o’er our penny roll “(Grand Duke) 

26th January -  Full company Finale 2 ” Oh what is the matter” and now to banquet reprise 

27th January - All principal work act 2 recap 

2nd February - Full company Pretty Wedding (Grand Duke no 1) 

3rd February - Act 2 run principals only 

SUNDAY 6th February - Full company run act 2 + curtain calls 

9th February - All Act 1 chorus work 

10th February - All act 1 principal work 

SUNDAY 13th Act 1 RUN 

16th February -Tidy chorus work 

17th February - Tidy principal work 

SUNDAY 20th February - Full run - CANCELLED

23rd February -Tidy 

24th February - Full run 

SUNDAY 27th February - Full run with costumes 

2nd March - Full run/ tidy as required 

3rd March -  Full run 

SUNDAY 6th March - Band call 

7th March - Tech  

8th March - Dress  

9th - 12th - Show week