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The Sorcerer - Audition pieces

Auditions - Sun 31st Oct 2pm

Pages taken from new Cramer score. 

Sir Marmaduke Pointdextre 

No.9 Page 30 “Welcome joy” to “Most attentive to command” 


No.17 Ballad Page 102 “It is not love” 

Dr. Daly 

No. 21 Page 122 “Engaged to So-and-so 

John Wellington Wells     

No.12 Page 44 “My name is John Wellington Wells”  

AND No. 13 Page 55 “Now, shrivelled hags”to “In noisome plenty” 

Lady Sangazure

No. 9 Page 32 “Sir I thank you” to Page 35 the end. 


No.6 Recitative leading to 2nd verse “Oh, merry young heart” to end.    

AND No.14 Page 76 “Oh marvellous illusion” to end  


No.2 Page 11 Recitative    

AND No. 18 Quintette from Page 110 “All the village” to end” Dr. Daly’s line 


No.2a Any one verse  

AND No.16 Page 97 “Oh bitter joy” to the end (no repeat) 

Mrs Coverall (New character)  Grand Duke No. 10 One verse. "As o'er our penny roll we sing"  

Libretto (page numbers taken from chappell libretto) 

Alexis, Aline and Wells: pages 13 and 14 “Oh Alexis those are noble principles” to “we can’t turn ‘em out fast enough” 

Sir Marmaduke and Dr Daly: page 6. “May fortune bless you” to “rouse yourself to receive her” AND Marmaduke’s Speech beginning ”Pooh Pooh sir!” 

Partlet and Constance: page 3. “Come tell me all about it to  ”leave this affair to me” 

Mrs Coverall :speech at bottom of page 31 beginning “O sir I entreat yourforgiveness” 

Alexis, Aline, Dr Daly, Sir Marmaduke and Mrs Coverall; page 31 and 32.”it is singular” to 

“I heartily congratulate you”.