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The Grand Duke - Audition Pieces


The Grand Duke auditions will be taking place on Sunday 13th November. The audition pieces can be found below:-


Rudolph (a Charlie Chaplin - like insignificant little man) “ A pattern to professors” pp 52-53

Ernest (OTT Actor- manager /Director Type) “Were I a king in very truth “pp 15-16

Ludwig (a Fred Astaire style leading man) “Now Julia consider it” pp 112-113 and 12a (2nd verse) “For instance this measure” pp79-81

Dr Tannhauser (A dull Company lawyer/Notary)” About a century since”, pp 31-32 (2nd verse - please note the word changes - see libretto)

The Prince of Monte Carlo (a minor Franco-European Royal) We’re rigged out - pp 148-149 “Take my advice when deep in debt” 153-155 and ”We’re rigged out “pp 147-148

Herald (his Entourage) (male or female) “The Prince of Monte Carlo p141

Costumier/Private Detective - any of the above pieces

Lisa (an emotional Ginger Rodgers style soubrette) “the die is cast” pp90-91

Julia (a Temperamental Operatic Diva ) “All is darksome “p124 (figure M) to bottom of p126 (cutting from N to Q-)

Baroness von Krakenfeld (a formidable but stingy heiress ) “With fury indescribable I burn “pp 117-118

The Princess of Monte Carlo (Daughter of the Prince - a Grace Kelly style princess) “We’re rigged out “pp148-149

Gretchen/Bertha/ Elsa (Over enthusiastic Chorus girls) “The die is cast” pp 90-91


PLEASE NOTE - Page numbers are taken from The Savoy Singers Revised Libretto available for download on this website. Please use this version NOT the standard published libretto  

Notary, Lisa, Ludwig, Olga and Gretchen p4 “Hello, surely I am not late ?” to “fundamental principles of our association”

Ernest and Julia page 7 “Here is promotion indeed! to “ah I have it”

Rudolph and Baroness pp13 and 14 ”Rudolph don’t ”to “rigid and exacting economy”

Rudolph and Ludwig pp15 and 16 “Now for my confession and full pardon to “trust me they shall never learn the truth from me”

Prince, Princess and Ludwig pp 33 “Well here we are at last, to ”I’ll tell you all about it”

Costumier / Private Detective - no dialogue