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HMS Pinafore - Audition Results

A big thank you to everyone that auditioned today - you didn't make the panel's job an easy one! After a very lengthy deliberation, the results of the auditions are as follows:-

Lord Joseph Porter - Michael Workman

Captain Corcoran - Geoff Vivian

Ralph Rackstraw - George Priestley

Bill Bobstay - Chris Waters

Dick Deadeye - Nathan Auerbach

Josephine - Helen Clutterbuck

Buttercup - Rachael Jones

Cousin Hebe - Sam Johnson

Auntie Mary - Sarah Wenban

Sister Susie - Claire Hamilton

Hymn to Bacchus - Selina Greenland

Grand Duke Solo - Margaret Walker

Strike up the Band - Sam Johnson

MC for the revue - Derek King

Congratulations to everyone!