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Audition Results!

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who auditioned today. The audition panel were very impressed with your fabulous singing and wonderful characters!

The results are as follows:-

Sir Marmaduke Pointedextre - Andy Few

John Wellington Wells - Chris Waters

Aline - Helen Clutterbuck

Alexis - Matt Cooke

Constance - Johanna Chambers

Dr Daly - Karen Speight

Parkwright - Geoff Vivian

Lady Sangazure - Rachael Jones

Mrs Coverall - Sam Johnson

Act 1 Notary and Hercules (as Edina) - Sarah Wenban 

Act 2 Notary (as Patsy) - Jo Langdon

Pretty Wedding Duet - Sara Burnie (as Saffy) and Claire Brewster (as Gladys Pugh)

Congratulations to everyone  - it's going to be an absolutely fabulous show!