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Audition Results!

Crime & Punishment

A big thank you to everyone who auditioned for our Crime & Punishment revue on Thursday 18th May - you kept us entertained all evening and we really enjoyed your performances. Well done!

The audition results are as follows:-

Trial by Jury


Judge - Geoff Vivian (Stuart Box)

Plaintiff (Angelina) - Selina Greenland

Defendant (Edwin) - Sarah Wenban

Ushers - Kevin Hanlon & David Bosher

Council - John Mills

Foreman - Richard Batcheler

Other Woman - Jenny Warren

Crime & Punishment Revue

Pick a Pocket or Two - Martin Radford

Last Midnight - Dawn Ellis

We can do it (duet) - Kevin Hanlon & Richard Pennington

Who wants to be a Millionaire - Linda Mallinson & Ann Henwood

Macavity (duet) - Jo Langdon & Sam Johnson

A little Priest (duet) - Geoff Vivian & Diana Vivian (Stuart Box & Sam Johnson)

Tell me it's not true - Kay Longman

One Rock and Roll Too Many - David Bosher

Stars - Geoff Vivian (Stuart Box)

Good Morning Baltimore - Cara Bingham

One Night in Bangkok - David Bosher

Easy Street - Jenny Warren, Samantha T and Kevin Hanlon

Queen of the Night Aria - Sarah Wenban

Vissi d'arte (Tosca) - Diana Vivian

Hellfire - John Mills

Ensemble solos in Hairspray & Legally Blonde - Jan Fuller, Rachel S, Richard B, Dorie, Jill Low

Congratulations to everyone!

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